Seismic Tomography

Traditional seismic tomography solutions

Custom made borehole cable with 1700 meter length, 24 hydrophones (10 meter distances) Active part 230 meter and 1500 meter lead in that can be used upto 72 mm boreholes.

Advanced seismic tomography for deep boreholes

Geomap Norge has 4000 meter of glass fiber cable in different diameters to lead dynamite into boreholes.

Short explanation of the method


Our borehole tomography services aim to capture reliable information of the foundation soil. Through our measurement, we create a tomography model of the subsoil that present the underlying geological structure, features of the subsoil, such as weakness zones and layer boundaries.  This information is essential and can be integrated into geotechnical reports. 


Seismic tomography services give valuable information for tunnel, bridge constructions and other large structure projects to be carried out with minimum risks and without unnecessary costs.  


Seismic tomography, unlike drilling, present continuous detailed information about the subsurface, it enables to determine the mechanical properties of rock. Seismic borehole measurements can also be merged with surface and underground wave sources to maximize the full coverage. 

Geomap Norge owns in their equipment park 2 water cable (235 meter, 470 meter) of length alongside a 500 meter extra lead in cable that enable us to reach greater depth. 

Advanced Seismic Tomography in Deep Boreholes

Geomap Norge AS has more than 15 years’ experience of marine and land based seismic refraction and tomography surveys. In co-operation with GeoVista AB we offer a complete package of surveying, processing and modelling of advanced  seismic cross-hole data sets in full 3D.

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