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Borehole logging

Methods and services

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Borehole logging, also known as well logging is the detailed analysis and capturing of the local ground conditions in a borehole. Geophysical borehole logging aims to provide accurate data of the physical properties of geologic structures and the groundwater within the borehole. Borehole logging is a time and money-saving approach that can gather rich data that is otherwise only obtainable by core-sampling methods.

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Shortly on the method

The borehole logging measurements are mostly used to maximize the information gathered from geotechnical drillings. Information is being gathered through visual inspection of samples brought to the surface or from geophysical surveys performed along the axis of a borehole. The measurements are carried out with several special logging devices which are lowered into the borehole. This device is moved up and down in the borehole while recording the data. The logging tools range from mechanical devices, nuclear/gamma, acoustical, electrical, imaging, and sensors for fluid properties.



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Optical Televiewer

A 360° optical images of the borehole wall. Provides information of fractures and other geological features.

Spectral Gamma

Measures the total gamma counts in API as well as the full energy spectrum of the gamma radiation emitted naturally from within the formations 

Acoustic Televiewer

The sensor sends out ultrasound pulses which trough an image of the borehole wall can be made.

Induced Polarization

Measures the electrical resistivity, spontaneous potential and chargeability of rocks. A high chargeability response is an indication of the presence of metallic sulphides and oxides or cation-rich clays.

Natural Gamma

Measures the amount of gamma radiation occurring naturally within the formations crossed by a borehole


Identifies, measures and quantifies the flow of groundwater in a borehole. To detect these low flow rates, measurements must be made while the probe is stationary  at different depths 

Water Quality

It uses reliable, accurate and drift-free high quality sensors and records a continuous profile of the borehole fluid properties.

Magnetic Suspectibility

It is compatible for measurements in complex igneous or metamorphic rocks up to high magnetite rocks.

Temperature and electrical conductivity

The probe provides information of the temperature and electrical conductivity of the borehole fluid.

Borehole Diameter

Probe provides information of the borehole diameter at various depths

Full Waveform Sonic

Sonic logs are widely employed, often in combination with other logs, to provide porosity, permeability, and geo-mechanical properties.

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