Geographic Information Systems


What we do with GIS

Through the power of geographic information systems (GIS) and advanced geophysical interpretation software, Geomap Norge offers comprehensive solutions for geographic and geophysical data gathering, management, processing, analysis and visualization. GIS provides the capabilities to store, analyze and visualize data for geographic positions on the Earth’s surface.

Applying geographic information systems in geophysical surveys, enables us to examine spatial relationships, patterns and trends with the geophysical data and better understand its importance in the geographic context. With organizing layers of information into complex visualization of maps and 3D representations, we are able to present deeper insights into the geophysical data, thus helping our customers to make smarter decisions.  

Geodata capturing

Database management 

Analysis and pattern identification

Data visualisation & Communication


The collected geographical and geophysical datasets are presented in layers by using analytical operations. These spatial datasets contain geometric and topological properties, in addition to the locational and attribute information. Combining with the geographical data,the geophysical datasets can present stratigraphy and geological structures. 


We deliver our solutions by using Surfer by Golden Software, AutoCAD, Qgis for GIS operations, furthermore, Blender GIS for 3D modeling and Adobe Illustrator, Sketch for vector based tasks. 



Color Relief


Satellite base




Geodata & Geophysical data integration

Our aim with the GIS deliveries is to create stunning user experience and practical interface for geographical and geophysical information. Through our maps, we offer both analytical and artistic context that enables to better explore and understand the data presented. 


With the help of our GIS and geophysical interpretation software, we are able to integrate many kinds of data. Based on spatial location and digital map overlays, we integrate and analyze the content of Earth’s subsurface and identify the relationships among geodata and geophysical data. 

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