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Geophysical surveys present a variety of applications in geology, archeology, infrastructural planning on land and sea, mineral and energy exploration, oceanography, aquaculture, oil and gas industry. These surveys require different equipment and instruments that may capture data from above or below the Earth’s surface. 


The purpose of our geophysical surveys is to collect the data which through we create maps and 2D,3D models that determine the Earth’s geography, stratigraphy, rock distribution, rock quality and underlying geological structures. These surveys enable us to determine the attributes of the Earth’s subsurface without directly seeing them like in drilling or digging. 


Through our interpretation of the geophysical survey data we assist several industries in order to determine the safe locations of buildings, provide valuable information for offshore projects, detect ground water and analyze foundations for roads, tunnels and other infrastructural objects. 


With our services we aim to reduce the risk, time and expenses of such projects and therefore provide vital information that benefits our clients, society and quality of life. 

Deres løsning innen anvendt geofysikk på land og sjø.


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