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Our Mission

Geophysical surveys offer quick and reliable solutions for determining depth to bedrock, quality of bedrock and sediment layering. These services can be used in challenging circumstances where other form of investigations are more expensive, time consuming and in some cases, even impossible.

Our surveys have been used in infrastructural planning on land such as, road works, railroads, dams, water plants, tunnel and bridge constructions.

While the emerging needs for increased infrastructure development on sea such as, fish farm anchoring, floating tunnel and windmill constructions, furthermore, water bottom infrastructure development like underground high voltage cable placement have started to realise and embrace the potential of geophysical surveys as well.

Our mission is to deliver services for our clients with special attention to their time-based and economical needs. We always pursue innovative methods and practical solutions in order to solve new challenges and contribute to the future practices of the field.  

We drive our business in a way that contributes to our company, to our clients, and to society at large. Therefore, in order to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we set our strategy to lower our carbon footprint and to focus on alternative solutions that contributes to the future.  


Our Story

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Lennart Vikberg

Geophysical Engineer

Lennart joined Geomap Norge in 2013 as Chief Geophysicist and has driven the company’s professional development. 

Lennart has specialized in geophysical prospecting from Luleå University of Technology and has gained experience in conducting geophysical services for over two decades.  

In Geomap Norge, while Lennart is the brain behind solving complex issues regarding geophysical data interpretation, he is also a committed fieldwork responsible with high work morale and never-ending stamina.

+46 702 149 271


Zoltan K. Opanszky

GIS Consultant / Project manager

After finishing his Bachelor degree in Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a specialization in engineering management, he joined Geomap Norge in 2015.

During his Master studies as Information systems student in Høyskole Kristiania, he worked part-time with special attention to geodata visualization and creating client GIS deliverables.

Since 2020, Zoltan has taken the role of GIS consultant with the focus on improving the GIS workflow and the digital transformation of the traditional processes of geophysical services.

+47 465 59 757


Robert Vida

Senior Geophysical Consultant

Robert has been working with geophysical services for over two decades. He specialised in reflection seismic in Loránd Eötvös University of Sciences. Next to his excepetional skills of theoretical geophysics he is also a senior software developer. He has written several softwares that we use for our geophysical data interpretation.

When it comes to solving advanced theoretical issues in the field of geophysics or software development, Robert has proven to be the essential load-bearing wall in our operations.

Robert filled the role of senior geophysicist in Geomap Norge between 2012-2016. In 2017 he decided to sail towards new waters in his professional career while he remained an external geophysical consultant at us.

Morten Urhaug


Morten took charge of the administration of Geomap Norge in 2012 and has been leading its development since. Besides his project management skills, he is the mastermind when it comes to solving challenges on field where conditions form the project progression constantly changing. Furthermore, Morten is highly engaged to drive the modernization and streamlining of geophysical services in order to serve our customers the best possible way. 

+47 926 44 101


Alexey Shulgin, Dr.

Senior Geophysicist

Alexey got his Ph.D. in marine geophysics  in GEOMAR Kiel, 2006. He has been involved in numerous onshore and marine geophysical projects over the last 15 years. He is specialized in geophysical modeling and interpretation for various geological and tectonic settings, as well as developing new geophysical techniques and software solutions. This resulted in 16 publications in top-level scientific journals. With joining Geomap in 2021, he continues to collaborate with academia as a guest researcher at UiO and Geodynamics session convener for European Geosciences Union. 

+47 941 54 923


Steffen Fagerheim Hestnes

Environmental Consultant


Steffen completed his master studies in environmental sciences at the University of South-Eastern Norway. His studies focused highly on nature management with the emphasis on the management strategies that can contribute to sustainable use, conservation / protection and the recovery of natural and environmental resources. 

Steffen fills an important role in Geomap Norge and the future of geophysical services as his knowledge adds to our efforts to protect the environment through business activities and the provision of technologies and services. 

+47 993 88 182


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