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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein


everyone must do their part from governments, private sector, big enterprises, all the way to SMEs like us. Therefore our vision is to contribute to a better future by aligning our business operations with the SDGs.

Following the SDG compass

By following the SDG compass, we aim to align our strategies with the SDGs and to measure and manage our contribution to it. Guided by the five steps of the compass, our target is to ensure sustainability by our core business strategy.




the impact on SDGs


the opportunities and responsibilities


company goals with SDGs


SDGs into our service offerings


SDGs into our communication with stakeholders

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Geomap Norge fully supports the United Nations sustainable developments goals that present a selection of 17 global goals. By adopting the SDG compass, we have targeted three SDGs where we believe we can have the greatest impact, considering our position and size in our industry. Our aim is to contribute positively to these goals by aligning our company goals with the SDGs, anchoring SDGs into our service offerings and building the SDGs into our communication with stakeholders.

As sharing knowledge and joining forces ensures reaching the SDGs sooner we proudly partner with our industry, customers, suppliers and the global community to accelerate learning, thinking and progress in these areas.

  • Offering services and solutions that complements our clients' effort on their sustainability goals

  • Established standards that ensure projects and initiatives are sustainably managed

  • Promoting innovation by providing creative solutions to sustainability challenges to all our customers

  • Carrying out geophysical surveys with high attention on reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint

  • Responsible product and practice substitution for sustainable natural resource utilization

  • Overall effort to protect the environment through business activities and the provision of technologies and services.

  • Strong focus on waste management and prevention of littering that could pollute the marine environment.

  • Carrying out geophysical services with the greatest attention on protecting marine and coastal ecosystems

  • Promoting innovation by providing creative solutions to sustainability challenges to all our customers


Our commitment

To reach the

Deres løsning innen anvendt geofysikk på land og sjø.


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