We have been involved in several traditional tomography projects.

Geomap Norge has a long experience in carrying out seismic tomography surveys in horisontal and vertical boreholes. We have fine tuned our practical and theoretical knowledge in these years and we have created our specialised equipments for seismic tomography.

Our equipment park: 

  • 1700 meter borehole cable with 24 hydrophones(10 meter hydrophone distance), active part 230 meter and 1500 meter lead in, can be used in up to 72 mm diameter boreholes.

  • 1000 meter seismic water bottom cable with 48 hydrophones (10 meter hydrophone distance), 470 meter active part and 500 meter lead in. 

  • 500 meter seismic water bottom calbe with 48 hydrophones (5 meter hydrophone distance), 235 meter active part and 300 meter lead in. 

  • 4000 meter glassfiber cable in different dimensions for dynamite lead in into boreholes.

A new way of carrying out tomography in a 1600 meter borehole

Both of our water bottom cable can be extended with 500 meter lead in cable. Thus, their total length are respectively: 1500 meter and 1000 meter. 

Our equipment includes the borehole cable, glassfiber cables, hydraulic engines, counting wheel for positioning and shot cables for the borehole. All these are  customised for tomography measurements.  Furthermore, we use our own software for hydrophone positioning and modelling seismic tomography.

Geomap Norge has a cooperation with Geovista AB in regards of seismic tomography.


Hydrophone Location Method

Advanced Seismic Tomography

in deep boreholes

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Advanced Seismic Tomography in Deep Boreholes

Geomap Norge AS has more than 15 years’ experience of marine and land based seismic refraction and tomography surveys. In co-operation with GeoVista AB we offer a complete package of surveying, processing and modelling of advanced  seismic cross-hole data sets in full 3D.




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